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Sponsor the ATFO



Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue has created an exciting and innovative equine event called “The Appalachian Trainer Face Off” that takes place from May through August each year in Winfield, West Virginia.

We would love to see your company as a Sponsor or Vendor for this next year! Whether donating products or funding, we need you to continue to grow this most valuable endeavor in the equine community.

The horse community cares about companies that support the industry through creative partnerships while supporting equine welfare. Horse owners tend to be potential customers with an above average interest range and income base. 

Perhaps most importantly, business looking to partner with us will be helping horses in need and excellent trainers, aiding us in sharing their talents nationwide, while a huge number of horses gain homes!

Support of the ATFO means showing your company supports good trainers and good horsemanship which makes possible lasting partnerships for horses that were previously at risk.


The event is one of the largest horse related events in the state. We are a 501©3 organization creating massive impact for horse welfare and care, and we have impacted the lives of thousands of horses through direct rescue and through educational efforts on horsemanship and care.


The Appalachian Trainer Face Off has connected with people across the equine industry and has become an event with attendees and competitors from across the nation. The “ATFO” partners all breeds of rescued and adoptable equines for 100 days with horse trainers from May through August.


These horses range from feral to neglect cases from law enforcement. Each trainer and horse has their journey closely covered on social media throughout the training. Ultimately, the trainers compete in a three day event and horses are offered for adoption. The 2023 event marked the 7th year for the ATFO.

Many of the stories of the rescued horses competing reach as many as 30k people through our Instagram feed, with the 2018 winner’s story reaching millions on Youtube, and this all continues to grow month by month.


Through partnership and collaboration within the industry, our organization has created amazing relationships with horse people across this country and improved the lives of a massive number of horses. We have received recognition nationally for our impact on the horse community in Appalachia, and we would like to invite your company to become a partner in this remarkable event.


Our organization has a passionate, broad support base across our region, with a large audience following our work via social media and through our popular equine blog. During the Appalachian Trainer Face Off 100 day event, thousands of followers check in daily to see how the horses are progressing on all of our pages and sites, so the ability to reach an engaged audience is present daily. Heart of Phoenix is a trusted educational resource for horse owners worldwide.


The ATFO is bringing new and revitalized equine opportunities to West Virginia.

Why investing in the Appalachian Trainer Face Off makes sense for your business: Heart of Phoenix, as an organization, enjoys a combined following of over 100,000 people across our social media outlets and blog.

We would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to share more about our work, the Appalachian Trainer Face Off, and to discuss the benefits of a partnership with your company! Sponsorships are tailored to what you are looking for, and they can be created for any budget. Some areas for marketing with your investment include: Booths • Product placement • Tables • Session speakers • Event Signage • Online Business Sharing • Trainer Dinner Sponsorship • Horse sponsorship • Logos on Event Marketing • Announcements during the Event.  Let us know your budget, and if our packages do not fit, we will create a package for you!


We have additional partnership and sponsor material we are very happy share, at your request.


Tinia Creamer President and Founder

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