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Submit a Horse in Need

While we have accepted horses from owners in need and other rescues since the inception, 2022 marked a record year in terms of how many horses we have been able to accept from other organizations.

We have decided to offer a new program for this year and moving forward in the vein of collaboration and expansion because we believe a NATIONAL Adoptable Horse Training Event should become a reality, and soon!

Horses need to be under late teens, feral to green, non-gaited and at least 14.2hh to be considered. (Heart of Phoenix brings many smaller and gaited horses to the event, already)

These horses are surrendered / transferred to Heart of Phoenix and become our organization’s full responsibility. They may come from rescues, owners, trainers that have too many projects or in any other manner if they are in need of training and help. This is a great option for rescues far from our location, that have many horses in need of training but do not have a large trainer network or just would like to be able to focus on their tasks at hand in their area while offering one of their horses an amazing opportunity to shine. The horses turned over by owners are able to be selected by ATFO trainers (if they are not chosen, will remain with HOP and get training in a traditional manner outside of the event), are adoptable into homes screened by our team and adopted on our contract. We will make sure these horses are vetted, freeze branded, micro-chipped and protected as long as we exist.

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